Varisan Top – Class 2, Single Leg with Belt, Open Toe, Surgical Weight


V-CA4E2-(01-5)   Right, Short

V-CA4E3-01(01-05)   Left, Short

V-CA4N2-(01-05)   Right, Long

V-CA4N3-(01-05)   Left, Long

Pack Size: 1 Pair

Thigh High with Belt, Anti-Embolism Stockings

The RAL-certified VARISAN® TOP line is a range of high quality Circular Knit garments.
The garments are made from multifilament yarns, giving the stocking greater softness, breathability and comfort.

Compression: 23 -32 mmHg / Class 2


•   Varicose Veins

•   Deep Vein Pathology

•   Post Sclerotherapy

•   Light Lymphoedema

•   Post DVT

•   Post-wound healing


1   (01)

2   (02)

3   (03)deep vein

4   (04)

5   (05)

Lengths: Short & Long

The Varisan Circular Knit Lower Limb garments can be Made to Measure and are customised according to the patient’s specifications.

To order a Made to Measure Circular Knit garment, please request a M2M order form from your representative. 

Alternatively, download the form from the link below:

Made to Measure Circular Knit Lower Limb

For assistance with measurements, please schedule an appointment with the representative in your area.

Colour: Beige


•   48% Polyamide

•   27% Cotton

•   25%   Elasthane