Compression to drift off in

More than just a night-time garment…

Comfiwave is a patented compression garment, designed to complement the treatment a patient receives during the day.

Easy donning and doffing gives Comfiwave an innovative versatility; providing both night-time compression and a comfortable solution when resting in the daytime.

Comfiwave gives a therapeutic pressure of 15-21mmHg.

The Comfiwave garments provide Safe, Night-Time Compression.

For night time

Oedema related swelling doesn’t stop overnight but traditional compression garments are not best suited to being worn in bed. Continue compression therapy overnight in supreme comfort with Comfiwave’s soft and breathable fabric providing gentle compression while you sleep.

For any time

Comfiwave garments use proprietary ‘low-resistance’ yarns which allow them to be easily donned and doffed. Perfect for relaxing during the day.
The breathability of the fabric means that Comfiwave is suitable for use all year round, being cooler to wear than conventional hosiery.


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