Adhesive Felt

Materials & Medical Grade Silicones

Manufactured in Spain

The Fresco range offers a selection of felt and moleskin materials used for off-loading and orthoses customisation. The medical-grade polycondensation putty & liquid silicones and poly-addition silicones are used in the manufacturing of custom orthoses to address a variety of foot conditions. 

Felts & Moleskins

To off-load, cushion & protect.

The Fresco adhesive felts and moleskins are available in different sizes and material compositions. Depending on the product, the felt thickness can vary from 1 to 10 mm.

All felt and moleskins can be cut to size.  The adhesives are hypo-allergenic and manufactured to ensure maximum adhesive power.

Poly-condensation & Poly-addition Silicones

For the custom manufacturing of orthoses.

The Fresco Silicones:

  • Are easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Hardens with a liquid or paste catalyst
  • Is highly elastic
  • The finished orthosis is both washable and reusable

Choosing your Silicone:

  • For Palliative orthoses – Soft Silicones
  • For Preventative & Corrective orthoses – Medium Silicones
  • Substitutive orthoses – Hard Silicones

To view the Fresco Felt & Moleskins, follow the link below:

Resco Bland Rose F-01930-01_02

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