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Compression Made Easy

Haddenham easywrap is a UK patented compression wrap system used for the treatment of lymphoedema, chronic oedema and various other swelling related conditions (including venous insufficiency).

Easywrap allows for the patient to easily adjust the level of compression applied to their limb for the best results and comfort.

The adjustable Velcro Straps make applying and removing Easywrap garment quick, easy and simple.

Choice of Two Fabrics


20 – 30mmHg

A more stretchy fabric suitable for mild to moderate compression needs. Especially suitable for palliative and paediatric patients.


30 – 40mmHg

Similar stretch to a traditional short stretch bandage, with excellent static stiffness performance, make it suitable for patients with moderate to severe compression needs.

A simple and effective alternative to bandaging and stockings!


  • easywrap garments consist of overlapping, single-layer textile bands that are worn over a protective antimicrobial liner.
  • The bands are secured by fasteners that are easy to attach and are engineered to be conforming and low profile.
  • easywrap’s unique weave ensures bands do not neck or kink making it easier to achieve a 50% overlap and consistent graduated compression.

Easywrap’s low profile design means that it can be comfortably worn underneath most everyday clothing & footwear.

Fitting your Easywrap is as simple as…


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