Compression Bra’s

Anita Care is specialised in the area of  breast care through experience and many years spent working with women who were affected by breast cancer.  

They understand that post-operative care is important after any surgery, whether it be a breast reconstruction,  reduction or augmentation.  

The Anita Care range offers specialised compression bras, arm sleeves and gloves to support your patient and assist with the healing process post-operatively. 

Post-op Compression Bra

The Post-op Bra compression is the ideal post-operative compression bra due to its front zip fastening and its adjustable hook & loop shoulder straps.

Indicated for:

  • Post Breast Augmentation or Reduction Surgery
  • Post Segment & Quadratic Resection
  • Post Reconstructive Breast Surgery
  • Post Breast Lift
Post-op Bra Anita Page

Lymph-O-Fit Compression Garments

The “Lymph-O-Fit™” compression garments are made of a specially designed fabric with a honeycomb/dot structure, which in combination with compression has a massaging effect and improves lymph drainage. The Lymph-O-Fit garment are wonderfully comfortable as the fabric is not only breathable but has excellent moisture wicking abilities.

Indicated for:

  • Mild Lymphoedema
  • Post Surgery
  • Post Liposuction

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