Compression Garments

We are proud to present to you South Africa’s own trademarked compression hosiery brand RxFit. For the past 25 years RxFit has developed into one of the most reliable compression hosiery products on the South African market, represented by more styles than any other brand. We started off with a mere 5 styles and today have over 56 products of which the majority are the different styles but also includes some accessories now available under the RxFit brand.

The RxFit Compression Garment range consists of over 50 different styles!

High Quality & Cost Effective

Rxfit is manufactured for us in the USA where manufacturing standards are extremely high and quality control of the highest order. Despite this, RxFit is the most cost-effective hosiery brand on the market and therefor is used and has been used widely on government tenders for many years. This has developed mainly due to a combination of quality product and reliable supply.


Accurate Measurements are Vital!


It is extremely important when providing your patient with a compression garment, that you
1. Measure your patient correctly;
2. Identify the correct size;
3. Choose the best garment to suit you patient’s needs and;
4. instruct your patient on the fitment and care of their garment.
We will gladly assist, if you or your staff need a refresher course on measurement taking, sizing, fitment and indications. Contact us to arrange a training session!

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