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Gel & Silicone

Off-loading and Corrective Orthotics

The Deramed silicone devices include two densities, are resilient, resistant to bottoming out, are excellent shock absorbers, and are ideal in applications such as insoles, heel cups, and heel pads. The different densities increase comfort in high-pressure areas, softer-density silicone is typically applied in the ball of the foot and heel area.

The Deramed polymer gel devices have a superior pressure dispersion capacity, conform to any shape, and reduce shear forces. The gel’s softness and elasticity make it the ideal material for off-loading devices. The gel’s Additionally, medical-grade oil-based composition helps to moisturise the skin.

Deramed Silicone Features

The Fresco polymer gel and silicones are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and do not support bacterial growth.

Deramed Gel Features

All Deramed products use biocompatible raw materials to ensure its suitable to be used as a class 1 medical devices.

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