ULCE-3 Multi-Layered Vector

Wound care systems

Woundcare in South Africa always had a split personality! On the one hand there was the private sector who could afford anything. On the other hand there was the government sector who wanted everything but could not afford it!

This lead to the decision at MEDIS to develop affordable compression bandage systems which could be used by government clinics throughout Africa. And it had to be based on sound scientific principles. So, how to go about it?

MEDIS considers itself as a world leader in compression therapy and for good reason. On the issue of compression bandaging, MEDIS has for years been arguing that international standards are flawed, based on the principle of “Scientific Bandaging”. “Scientific Bandaging” refers to our approach of applying long stretch bandaging according to the La Plac law and thereby according to a very specific sub-bandage pressure. All our long stretch bandages have been measure by the Dept Engineering, University of Stellenbosch.

When we began the development of ULCE-3,  we literally decided to throw “conventional” out the back door  and think “outside the box”.  We investigated old and new  and made some startling discoveries.  You will like the results: Simple, scientifically sound and cost-effective. Our products are based on common sense and experience.  We are still very much involved in patient care and research and therefore understand our products like no other company.

So…..Go Green…..Go ULCE

The Science

The ULCE systems are three-layered short stretch  bandage systems. What makes these systems different?
As opposed to long stretch, the ULCE systems are short stretch systems.
Short stretch compression systems are known to have a low resting pressure.
ULCE Systems  are also applied without any additional dressings. Excess exudate is absorbed into the second layer.
With the application of the Zinc paste or Gel bandage, a fatty layer is applied on the skin which is water repellent.
Correctly applied, ULCE Systems remove excess interstitial fluid via reabsorption through the venous and lymph system.

Choice of Two Multi-layered Bandage Systems


with Zinc Paste


with Zinc Gel

An Ulcer Healed is an Ulcer Waiting

Once our ulcers are dry and non-productive, we often consider it healed. This is a big mistake as the healed ulcer is now at its most vulnerable stage. Arterial blood supply is still not optimal even though the wound has closed.
Controlling oedema at this stage is not negotiable. We have to apply compression from the day the bandages are removed. This can be difficult and the friable skin is often damaged in the process of fitting a stocking.
ULCE SOCKIT is your answer. It consists of two socks. The first sock has 10mmHg compression and is fitted easily. The microfiber protects the friable skin from damage. The second compression stocking(20-30mmHg) easily slips over the first stocking because of the microfiber fabric.

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