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CSOCK is a South African brand born by circumstance. The brand is owned by MEDIS, a world leader in compression therapy.

MEDIS had exposure to compression therapy from DVT prevention to Acute DVT compression therapy, from fatigue leg to varicose disease and deep vein insufficiency, from wound care to lymphoedoema therapy. As our experience increased, so did our knowledge of lower leg physiology and it is this knowledge that we channeled into sports compression. This lead to intimate business relations with international sports men and women, close relations with universities such as the University of Stellenbosch and international manufacturers.

Our close working relation with the Department of Sports Science at the University, has been a very good one although for scientific reasons we are never involved with research on our products. We only get the results once the research has been completed. This department was the first of its kind in Africa and it has been a privilege to work with such a professional team, led by Prof Elmarie Terblanche.

Research into sports compression has been a long one and included finding the best fabric, checking for durability, but most of all doing randomized double-blind research studies to confirm our anecdotal findings.

We are proud of the fact that we have the only compression sock tested in “in race” circumstances in a ultra marathon in substantial numbers(50 +). And we did it not once, but twice. Dr Karen Welman, a world leader in Sport Compression, received her PhD on this subject.

Our research shows that:

CSOCK Sport decreases muscle and ligamentous injuries:

  • Muscles and tendons come under tremendous stress during exercise.
  • Compression socks have a caging effect on muscle and tendon. This means muscle and tendon is held in close proximity of the tibia and fibula and restricts lateral movement. The sock though allows longitudinal motion.

CSOCK Sport prevents DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which is stiffness on day two, following heavy exercise.

  • DOMS is currently thought to be due to muscle damage at spindle level.
  • Due to the “caging” effect explained above, muscle damage at this level is reduced to the minimum, which reduces DOMS.
  • Athletes get back to training much faster!

CSOCK Sport prevents oedema caused by centrifugal and gravitational forces typically seen in cricket, long distance running and cycling.

CSOCK Sport shortens recuperation following any inflammatory condition of the lower leg, including ligamentous injuries of the ankle, torn calf muscles and heamatoma of the calf.

CSOCK Sport will improve aerobic and anaerobic efficiency of the athlete.

CSOCK Sport more than likely helps with removal of waist materials such as lactic acid from the interstitial tissue.

CSOCK Sport has been shown to be highly efficient in controlling shin splint discomfort/pain (As experienced by Gogga Adams, cricketer).

CSOCK Sport is used by cyclist for its (as experienced by professional cyclists):

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