Varisan Top – Class 2, Poly-Extensive Glove



Pack Size: 1 Unit

Compression  Glove

Compression: 23 -32 mmHg / Class 2

The VARISAN® TOP gloves are available in 5 sizes in circular knit synthetic fabric.


•   Severe Lymphoedema

•   Keloid Prevention and Treatment

•   Oedema of the hand


Small   (01)

Medium   (02)

Large   (03)

The Varisan Circular Knit Glove can be Made to Measure and can be customised according to the patient’s specifications.

To order a Made to Measure Circular Knit Glove, please request a M2M order form from your representative. 

Alternatively, download the form from the link below:

Made to Measure Circular Knit Upper Limb

Made to Measure Circular Knit Glove

For assistance with measurements, please schedule an appointment with the representative in your area.

Colour: Beige


•   81% Polyamide

•   19%   Elasthane