ICB Dress Style 2/3 Length Orthotics


I-DL00(42-45) (Uncovered)

Units: 1 Pair

ICB’s Dress Style Orthotic is the same density as the Sports Dual Density range however the lateral border has been removed, and the heel cup reduced to 10mm.

The removal of the lateral border makes this style ideal for broad feet, as the foot can naturally splay, without any irritation on the lateral side.

This style in 2/3 length can easily fit into narrow fitting shoe styles, such as moccasins, ‘boat shoe’ styles and men’s dress shoes.

Being constructed from a combination of firm and mid density EVA, ICB’s Dress Style orthotics are suitable for most patient’s, as they offer excellent rearfoot and arch support, coupled with comfort in the midfoot and forefoot.


  • Broad Feet
  • Narrow Fitting Footwear

Available: Uncovered


Small     (42)

Medium     (43)

Large     (44)

X-Large     (45)