Fresco Pressure Redistribution – Heel


F-02604-01B     (Standard)

F-02604-02B     (Large)

Units: 1

Fresco Pressure Redistribution – Heel


  • For use in intact skin to prevent friction and pressure related damage.
  • For use in areas of fragile dry skin at risk of breaking down.
  • Can be used as an overlay.
  • For prevention of medical device related pressure ulcers.
  • Can be attached to the body by external fixation methods.


  • Topical use ONLY. Do not apply to open wounds.


  • To reduce pressure and minimise friction.
  • Elastic and flexible to easily adapt to the body’s contours.
  • Contains medical grade mineral oil which hydrates and lubricates the skin.


Standard     (01B)

Large     (02B)