FRESCO – DUO 10 Silicone Shore A: 10 – 12 Paste Silicone



F-01924-02     (Starting Kit)

Units: 1 Tub / 500 g


A bi-compound soft silicone. Designed for manufacturing simple palliative orthosis simply by mixing the two putties (A + B) in equal amounts.

Starter Kit Available: A starter kit for professionals who want to learn how to use silicones in the DUO range. The kit provides enough silicone to practice manufacturing.

Silicone Hardness: Shore A: 10 – 12


2 Tubs / 250 g each

2 Tubs / 125 g each     (Starting Kit)

*DO NOT USE  Fresco Liquid catalyst or Red Paste Catalyst with DUO Products

*colour may vary