Formthotics Original SHOCKSTOP Full Length Insole

Codes: F-ORSPACB-(000-05)

Units: 1 Pair

“Formthotics are unique, custom-fitted orthoses, designed to provide the support and comfort your patient needs and to naturally fit their feet.”

Revolutionary ShockStop foam protects and reduces the impact on muscles, joints and tendons, providing superior shock absorption.

Density: Soft


Softer Top Layer – Camel
Firm Base Layer – Black


  • Diabetes
  • Elderly
  • Arthritis
  • Patients with fat pad atrophy, bony prominences or who suffer from impact-related pain
  • History of arch blistering


*will effect durability of the Original Shockstop Orthotic.

  • Active patients
  • Athletes
  • Obese patients


  • Full Length Only
  • Dual Density
  • Soft density top provides maximum shock-absorption and cushioning and deflects impact
  • Medium-density, black base layer maintains control and stability..
  • Shaped to accommodate modern shoe shape.
  • Talo-navicular support – Tear Drop Shape, milled into the base of the orthotic
  • Treated with Ultra FreshTM – Resistant to bacterial and fungal infection
  • Heat mouldable at low temperatures with the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine
  • Latex and Glue Free – no allergy risk
  • Suitable for low impact activities.


XS (000)

XS (00)

S (01)

M (02)

L (03)

XL (04)

XXL (05)

All Formthotics have a 30-day warranty when manufactured with the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine.