Formthotics Original Dual Medium Full Length Insole

Codes: F-ORDMARB-(000-05)

Units: 1 Pair

“Formthotics are unique, custom-fitted orthoses, designed to provide the support and comfort your patient needs and to naturally fit their feet.”

The Formthotics Original Dual Medium, the number one, most popular model worldwide because of its versatility and excellent balance between
comfort and functional support.

Density: Medium


Soft Top Layer – Red
Firm Bottom/Base Layer – Blue


  • Suitable for conditions where additional cushioning is required without compromising stability or functionality
  • Sports, street, and business shoes with space to allow a comfortable fit.


  • Suitable for high impact activities
  • Full Length ( including Youth sizes) & 3/4 Lengths available
  • Dual Density
  • Softer, cushioning top layer
  • Medium density bottom layer maintains function and performance
  • Round heel
  • Deep heel cup for firm, flexible and functional support
  • Supportive Arch
  • Talo-navicular support – Tear Drop Shape, milled into the base of the orthotic
  • Treated with Ultra FreshTM – Resistant to bacterial and fungal infections
  • Heat mouldable with the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine
  • Latex and Glue Free – no allergy risk


XXS (000)

XS (00)

S (01)

M (02)

L (03)

XL (04)

XXL (05)

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All Formthotics have a 30-day warranty when manufactured with the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine.