Deklo Cast Protector Economy


CPFS2250    (Adult Short Arm)
CPFS2251    (Adult Long Arm)
CPFS2253    (Adult Short Leg)
CPFS2270    (Teenage Arm)

Units: 1

Soft-Silicone edged Deklo Cast Protector is affordable and protects bandages and casts against water exposure.


  • Cost-effective option is needed
  • Outdoor weather protection
  • Cast and Bandage
  • Lacerations
  • IV/PICC lines & Skin conditions


  • Soft Silicone Edge
  • Non-phthalate, Latex Free
  • Will extend the service life of the cast
  • Keep the bandages, cast or wound area dry
  • Reusable


Adult Arm

*Available Short & Long 

Adult Leg

*Available Short

Teenage Arm