Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure Redistribution Pads

Injuries caused by pressure can have serious consequences for patients, even putting their lives in danger. They are painful and in some cases are difficult and expensive to cure, affecting the autonomy and quality of life of the patient.

Fresco’s range of gel pressure redistribution products are Class I medical devices that relieve pressure and friction, preventing the formation of pressure ulcers. They prevent damage to the soft tissue caused by pressure spikes, continuous pressure and / or friction. They can be applied to grade 1 ulcers as long as there is no open wound.

Main Features


Once pressure is removed, the Pressure Redistribution Device returns to its original shape and thickness thanks to its excellent memory and high durability.

It does not retain odours or fluids. If in contact with liquids the product remains unchanged.

Prevents ulcers produced by friction and pressure forces. When facing friction forces produced by rubbing, the surface of the device that is in contact with the skin is kept isolated from these forces.

Prevention is the key to saving lives, time and reducing economic cost.

Where to use

Gel Sheet

Gel Strip

Gel Heel

Gel Sacrum

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